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Coffee Stirrers

Coffee Stirrers

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These fantastic coffee stirrers are: 

  • 100% Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Chocolate Flavored
  • Compostable
  • Very Tasty 

Ingredients: raw cane sugar, 29% cocoa fibre, rice flour, corn flour, corn starch, sunflower oil, salt. May contain traces of nuts, egg, milk and soy.

Nutritional Information


1 Stirrer = 2.8g

Energy Value

1561 kJ / 371 kcal

43.7 kJ / 3 kcal

Total Fat

  • Saturated fatty acids





Total Carbohydrates

  • From which are sugars












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Our Answers to Your Questions

What are these edible cups made of?

Wheat flour, water, sugar, egg powder, milk powder, wheat bran, aeration agent, flavouring vanilla

Are these edible cups safe for me to eat?

Yes, we have all the necessary food certificates so you're safe to eat the cups.

Do these cups have a flavor that affects the taste of my drink

The cups with an inside coating like dark / white chocolate or caramel do make the drink taste sweeter but this is minimised with our natural cup.

How long can I use the cup before it starts to get soft?

The cups stay strong for 60min for hot drinks and 2-3h for cold drinks.

What if I am allergic to gluten?

Unfortunately our cups are not gluten free (due to the wheat content) but we're working hard to have a sustainable solution for everbody :)

Do these cups have a shelf life? How should I store them?

For our smaller quantities (Packs of six or boxes of 210) we guarantee a shelf life of a few months, for larger order quantities like pallets it is 12 months.

Can I customise the design or branding on these cups?

Yes of course! Just reach out to our team via the "Contact" Page and we will help you :)

How do these cups compare in price to traditional plastic cups?

While our cups might cost a bit, remember, you're investing in a sip of sustainability.
At higher quantities we c an already offer 15 cents per cup :)

Are there any special instructions for me to dispose of these cups?

We encourage to throw them into the "Green Bin" in the Netherlands or any other composte site, if possible.

What sizes do these edible cups come in?

180ML at this moment but we're working on an espresso size and one of Latte Macchiato