Each year, 3.5 billion of disposable cups are used in The Netherlands. This number goes up to 7 billions when it comes to single-use cups and food packaging.

Not to mention single use tableware besides straws, chopsticks, plates, bowls, knives, forks and spoons…

Our story started from there

Concerns regarding environmental issue have brought us together - a group of coffee enthusiasts with a strong desire to improve the world.

Recyclable options are becoming more popular but the majority still end up in a landfill. Questions are raised whether these sustainable alternatives are enough to save our planet. We think the only way to reduce paper and plastic waste is by taking it out of the product!

And that's how Edibles was found.

Who are we?

Started as a group of International students with a strong desire to improve the world, we constantly research on solutions that can make a strong impact on our planet... and they've got to be tasty as well!

Our brainstorming sessions are always filled with fun and new perspectives every time because we come from different countries but all work towards the same goal - making the world a greener place. Due to our diversity in background, we do not set limits to innovation and creativity!

We have started a journey towards a true circular economy

edibles.eco is made of natural ingredients only. Our cups are 100% GMO-free with no artificial colorants, sweeteners, or preservatives combined with an eco-friendly production process.

We love to collaborate with you to make the planet a greener place

If you are a cafe or roastery that makes drinks and care about sustainability, we would love to know if you want to work with us towards a better future!